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The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

What is the Mediterranean Diet - How can it help you?

First of all it's not a diet you go on to lose weight over a week or two, it's a healthy and fun way of living that will keep you fit and happy for the rest of your life.

Start today with Pam's FREE 7 day Mediterranean Diet PLAN

Lose weight - Feel Fit and Look Great

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

For more information visit The Nutrition Source.Org

Simple and Easy

Pure Mediterranean Olive OilWhat makes it so special is it's simplicity. We humans evolved to forage and hunt and it was much easier to gather nuts, grains, fruit and vegetables than it was to hunt and kill animals, specially animals that were liable to turn around and hunt you instead. 

A Natural 70/30 split

So a natural 70/30 split emerged. 70% vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds,  oils - specially olive oil and pulses, and 30% protein from animal sources - mainly fish, shellfish, chicken and other fowl.

The Mediterranean Basin

This was especially true for the people of the Mediterranean. With great weather for growing all kinds of vegetables and fruit, rice, pulses, nuts and olives, and having the abundant sea always on their doorstep the French Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish and North African peoples enjoyed advantages that many of us lacked.

Ancel Keys

Fresh Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetables at the Market
This healthiest known diet in the world was re-discovered in 1958, when a young American physician called Ancel Keys and his team, discovered that the majority of the Mediterranean people lived longer and healthier lives.

He was able to link this to their diet!

Whole Foods - Unprocessed and Unrefined

Because there were not the processed food options of today, they made the most of what was available and paid a lot of attention to food preparation, flavour and family meal times.

So - plenty of exercise - working in the fields or tending their nets, followed by good food, company and wine - what more could you ask?

Getting Started
Get started today If you want to lose weight - feel fit and look great.

Follow Pam's FREE seven day Mediterranean Diet Plan using easy recipes from this website - and remember, any problems you can always leave a question on the facebook comment form below

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Sunset over the Mediterranean

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